Thursday, October 6, 2011

DIARY OF A BLACK VEGAN VOL#6 (Dietary Racial Profiling)

So as i thought of a new area to cover i figured i would go a different route this time. I will write about the black vegan experience through the lens that every black vegan that i have ever known has experienced. DIETARY RACIAL PROFILING . what is this? its the imperialistic attitude a black vegan faces when shopping in a whole foods market or health store.. it matters not what franchise name it may be its the same attitude in every state I've been. Being a hip hop artist who happens to be vegan food on the road is rough. Its a matter of goggling vegan / vegetarian food to bring up suitable food digs. No matter where i am the feeling starts the minute you walk thru the door...That weird Pan of disbelief i can read their minds ( wait he came for healthy food? you can read the energy so well cause you see it so much , i been vegan 12 years so i know a sincere hello from the fake weird awkward ones. After being greeted by nearly every staff member in a 10 minute time frame.. you cant even see the shelf for the attendant's standing in front of you like they are pitching vacuum cleaners door to door. If you enter that supplement section they will really look at you like you either stole some vitamins or don't know one herb from the next . When i say "Say no i am fine" they usually get really weird at that point. Just stuck in space that a black man knows his herbs . The whole experience is usually capped with the excessive cart probing by patrons when you reach the check out met with much unnecessary conversation by you guessed it another person in disbelief asking " Are you vegan ? " Health in America is as privileged as any other liberty . Colonialism never displayed equality at the table and so we live in this gentrified world where the attitudes of colonizers continue and adamantly imply its not for your black man...


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