Thursday, October 9, 2008

Another video go figure..... Reef the lost cause

Reef The Lost Cauze - I Wonder

Do you take simplicity for granted ??

Caregivers to orphans in Katolo utilize irrigation techniques to grow vegetables (foreground) and maize (background).

The buzz of the news is that the nation is in Financial Crisis , the thing is even many impoverished people in america are better off than most third world nations. Colonialism , global gentrification and capitalism run a muck and it takes a bunch of wealthy peoples purses or wallets being touched by financial oppression for it to be an issue. Many people in Americas ghettos have never know anything but poverty so the current bank crisis really means nothing to them . By in large i think most people take clean water , and a non leaking roof for granted .
( A family in Myanmar Southeast Asia After cyclone )

When hurricane Ike hit , it was a different type of hurricane it came further north and knocked power out throughout many states for days and weeks for others . I was at my house in the midwest at the time and attemped to buy food but could not due to the power shortages the apporoval could not be completed ... Hmm what would i do if that was indefinite. If the banks power is out or the office that the approval comes from how would i get money. That just about puts me on the playing field of any tribal , rural or indigenous person without resources. Was is stressed ?? yeah , knowing that dough was in that account. Immediately i thought about my father talking about our older Relatives down south . Ex slave / crow indian country people that did not trust banks. I started seeing some chagrin in the thought or recollection of my pops telling me how they kept there money barried in cans under houses and on land. Why do we / i take such things for granted ?? one word COMFORT we get comfortable and are so self focused that we almost cant help ourselves let alone anyone else.

Many people are looking for one person to come along and do it .So where does change begin ? With ourselves , The idea of rebuilding our thought process..., the reforming and reconditioning of mental habits is the starting place . The planet adjusts daily it goes thru cycles every few thousand years , light always finds its way thru darkness . When water comes down a hill of trees it does'nt stop at the tree it wraps around it in another path. We gotta change our path to add on.....Thats where miricales begin

Peace - Safari-bLack

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