Monday, May 24, 2010

StaHHr EPK b/w Still Dope - This lady Straight Spits

Well sometimes i meet someone in the craft . That has a certain Zeal and respect for True Hip-Hop culture . Im not speaking from a space of Being an "OLD HEAD" but from a space of acknowledging this Great artist's contribution.
See i see her as a Great Mc first who happens to be a lady , often when people say "Female Mc" its in surprise that a woman could bring the heat . That is total Hip Hop Chauvanism and ignorance the ladies where there too when it started. Her movement focuses on positivity and raw hip hop lyricism ... Peep her green-Game


<a href="">Stahhr - Still Dope (Prod. MF Doom) by PERFECT ATTENDANCE</a>
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Sunday, May 2, 2010

How To Archive Optimal Health RAW

DEFINITION OF RAW : The science of eating food in its Natural state...

Below Is a serious on Raw Food Eating By Dr Aris latham



Live well .. Get free...