Thursday, December 29, 2011


SUNSALUTATIONS !!! So every year i write a bit about the previous year. I spent a great deal of this year growing.. growing from unplanned situations .. Planned situations going ary also. I am a Neaurotic thinker by nature always have been since i was small. I am constantaly observing even when i desire not. I often do so and speak nothing of my observations , in social networks , Personal relationships , and even amongst family. This year marked many murders assasinations of dicatators , celebrity break ups , are you seeing the trend ? People generally remember misfortune more than anything. I take time to celebrate the things that went well. I made substantial Gains within My Music Career , Aquired love i had not planned on encountering , was blessed to make connections Globally which in the scheme of things is the way in invisioned My Dream as a young boy. Getting out of boxes and exceeding Local is my idea of expanding. We live under expectations when we set these yearly new Years resolutions .. I dont do them. I set goals year round. Who is to say that achieving something over a shorter period or longer period of time is not as monumental. I Lost 25 pounds this year. I lost friends this year also. Yin and Yang we live and we love and we learn... Health is and will always be a platform that alot of things will spring off of . I support anyone reading this fighting to commit to an oath of Self Love because to me thats truely what health is on all levels a deep seeded Love of self . What will tomorrow hold ? who knows more of any possibility i suppose . My suggestion is to spend time rebuilding , restoring , and Re-Loving... Anything and Everything you POSSIBLY can... I wish you all The best , 2012 IS The New Y2k LOL stock up on water seeds and popcorn LOL ha ha ha ha

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