Sunday, June 5, 2011


Rihanna "Man Down" from Peoople Brasil on Vimeo.

(Rihanna Killing a Rapist is causing a bit of controversy ) This video is under attack by Parents Television Council. 1stly as a parent i woill be watching this with my daughters and discussing all angles of the opening scene. i see it as an opportunity to discuss rape with my daughters with a visual aid. This video is no more graffic than any csi episode in my book. I find it odd when a Pop artist such of her self writes a song addressing one of the worlds oldest darkest problems RAPE she is targeted . If you also listen to the sound of the music , this is traditional island conscious music not difenerate text me so we can smash radio format That exposes the music / Media / Hollywoods agenda of wanting to promote Cooning and Non-Thought Provoking Dialog. Firstly even before that FELLAS NO MEANS NO … PERIOD i dont Care What you thought OR what she is wearing…-SB Your thoughts....

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