Friday, December 31, 2010


Every year i post something at this time of the year... i reflect back on the many good and bad times , The lessons Learned . I have always been quite an optimist when it comes to Keeping my head over water... today has been so incredible as I woke opened my eyes and swore to be Happy and positive , but you see sometimes time has something else for you... I decided to go get a Nice hair Cut . As i had planned on taking my daughters out for A New Years Eve Dinner ... So i get a hair cut and during this time i get the bad news that My road manager had broke his foot and had to have emergency surgery.. And his Grandfather passed all in the same day. There were many bouts over the day regarding where i would spend the evening ... and i felt completely pulled in 9 Different directions..But the whole time my mind kept going back to the origianl goal. THAT I WOULD ENJOY AN OPPORTUNITY TO START A NEW YEAR WITH NO CLAIM TO RELIVE OR REDO ANYTHING THAT WAS NEGATIVE LAST YEAR. I smiled even thinking about my mantra " That no one moment defines your whole being , and that every moment of breath was a second chance" A chance to forgive all and yourself which releases the weight of lifes heaviness. As i type this i wish and speak total success to all that want it. You have the tools and the power to be as grand , wonderful and beautiful as you want, Seize the moment and ponder no more. Pray in the spirit of the ancestors and all that came before you , remember to fight , live with courage and Life free.... Free in your own mind first... Peace - SAFARI-BLACK P.S. - HAPPY NEW YEAR

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