Thursday, October 29, 2009


Earlier this week SAFARI-BLACK And anyone tuning into the Black Entertainment Network witnessed the biggest travesty in the history of hip hop . The BET AWARDS , now let us be clear SAFARI has nothing against the dudes from the bottom, but that show or for the most part was the Biggest Act Of Coonery . You literally could not make out the English of the artisted pegged to perform by the shows directors, Excluding great acts Like goodie Mob the show highlighted the new Black "cooning" or the rebirth of the "Coon" Its also no secret That Safari-Black is A Grass ROOTS hip hop artist but that show was beyond evolution it was a million steps back to THe Jim Crow Entertainment Era . THE Show birthed the Idea for THE EULOGY which is A Memorial Service of The COONERY THAT took place that night .

The Eulogy is a song in Which SAFARI-BLACK BODIES , MURDERS ,EXECUTES The ignorant stereotype (THE MODERN MAINSTREAM RAPPER) that's being marketed by major record companies. ( Studio drug dealers , Imaginary mobsters , synthetic Gangsters) who secretly play scrabble and partake in Sudoku ! In the last few years what first spawned as a music dominated by artist of Southern Local has become a full fledged AMOS and Andy Minstrel Show.....Lets make it clear that He is not singling all southern artist or artist from any section of the map for that matter. This song is about the COONS , all coons North South East or West . Feelings hurt? Ask your Nana for a Hug .Hence this song proves that terribleness can spawn something of the opposite paradigm. So please dress up and pay your respects to the mcs He Will Eulogize, lyricall Embalm tonight/day (ALL MY VAMPIRES TUNE IN AT 12:00 A.M. EST FOR THE DEBUT) -CHAIRMAN LEE A & R OF GLOBALTHREDZ RECORDINGS


Anonymous said...

i'm ready... you got me with my clock on count down to midnight lol

Jara said...

Hey Safari. I can't make it through any BET Awards shows without a glass of wine (but I don't drink) or some snarky friends.

Question for you as an artist: If BET came knocking on your door with an invite to participate in next year's Hip Hop Awards, would you perform?


Yes i would as any opportunity to present an example/alternative to the minstrel images that are marketed to children who dont know about the golder era of hip hop. Children are smart there are some sitting now wondering is this my only option ?