Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Fall - Winter AND WHAT IT does to me .......

Its officailly the first week of fall , my hard drive crashed with my whole mixtape on it . I re up though cause i burn alot to cds to listen to leaving the studio when i am recording thank the most high that i am so critical, this saved the whole project . I keep getting messages asking what happened ?? See there is no stopping God, what has to happen will happen. Thus fall has arrived i always know cause it does something to my equilibrium , i sleep so well almost to a fault in the winter ... similar to a Black Bear in the catskill mountains in the picture above LOL

Aside from a bout or two (Smiling) with lightweight laziness , fall and winter are my most productive and creative times. The end of this mixtape project is also the beginning of a whole different sound that i have decided will be the sound for My album which i am going to hold the title until 2009 . There is a song on the 'ART OF LOVE MIXTAPE' that actually is the hybrid prototype for the sound of the album . Now i have to slide back in the booth my break is up welcome fall peace out summer ! man that sounded mad granola LOL

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