Wednesday, April 30, 2008


Jean Grae Quits Rapping
It is no secret that the hip hop game is a grueling profession to attempt to earn a living from. No emcee exemplifies that more than Jean Grae who has been grinding on the underground rap scene for years releasing a number of critically acclaimed albums including her most highly touted “This Week”. Jean Grae has been featured in numerous Hip Hop and alternative mags and has even graced the cover of URB Magazine. However, it seems that Hip Hop has taken it’s tole on Jean and she has decided to leave the game according to her personal blog on myspace. Jean writes “I will always love what I consider to be true hip hop music… from the bottom of my soul. I hope you will continue to distinguish those who are contributors to the evolution of Hip Hop and other black music as both an auditory stimulation and a culture, taking care that they are put in a position to do so.”

The Brooklyn, New York emcee who was born in Cape Town South Africa signs off by saying “Enjoy…see y’all around. It’s been amazing. Thank you again” Grae also changed her myspace profile photo to the image you see here where she is obviously kissing us all goodbye. All the best to you Jean Grae and thank you for the great music!



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Fly Urban Chic said...

Ms. Grae is hot. It's a shame that Rap and Hip-Hop have been co-mingled into some form of a mutnant beast. It makes me long for the day when Bahamadia, Lauryn Hill (which I'm hoping will return), Lady Bug Mecca and the other talented women emcees can break this commerical bullshit that's being played on the radio.

Then again, I enjoy the adventure of seeing them play small venues and purchasing their cds after the show.