Saturday, December 15, 2007


The other day i was working on a song and i just got tired of thinking . Which usually results in me making a phone call , checking e-mail eating or surfing the net. So i am floating accross the virtual Abiss and i run accross this track from the above artist MUSINAH and i was listening to a song called netknot ( which is a word that sounds as if its being spun backwards (that is when a dj spins a record backwards from the correct direction ) for those that dont get that slang ( wink ) .Anyways i stumbled upon the most post Modern music i have heard Since J-dilla ( R.i.P) She is an engineer , producer and singer. THe music is aestetically hip hop with soul singing over it . I had been dealing with some things and it was weird cause i put the same song (netKnot) on repeat for hours. IT has such a healing property to it. I felt like i had been hugged by my grandmother ( R.I.P.) I immediately knew it was just a higher entrance into the genre. I keep thinking afterwards how often do new Female artist come in the Underground seen and truely make a mark like this young lady will ( she is 24) as if that matters cause it does not but i am glad i heard . Her debut album is called daybreak available on i-tunes and free down load of the single (netknot) on ( Holla Black !!

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Anonymous said...

worrrrrrrrd musinah is fresh as. if you don't know it already check out her joint on the new foreign exchange album!!!